The Carns family goes to London — September 2014

        Here is the first installment of this year’s travelogue — Jim, Anthea, and Teri are off to London for a couple of weeks, with a quick stop in Seattle to start the trip. These were originally sent out as emails, and I am re-publishing them on my blog,  roadtripteri.
        We left a chilly, truly autumn Anchorage on the redeye flight out of Anchorage September 24, and landed in Seattle about 5:00 a.m. First stop – Travelodge by University Center where they very kindly let us in early to get some sleep.
        We met Regina and Anthea for a pizza lunch, then spent a little time at the Pike Street Market and the University Book Store before picking them up again, along with Deke, for dinner with West Seattle friends.
        It was the first day of school at University of Washington, which has something in the neighborhood of 40,000 students —  not the best day to visit the bookstore, but we found a few quiet corners.  Pike Street Market on the other hand, was relatively calm. There were the usual clusters of tourists with cameras at the original Starbucks and the fish-throwing stall, a few musicians, and more fresh flowers and food than it’s really possible to comprehend.
        On Thursday we have dentist appointments with Jim’s brother, then a lunch date for savory pies from Deke’s truck, 314Pie. And then the airport, to catch our (non-stop — all of these travels arrangements are very sane, for a change, not my usual style) flight to London.
        We arrive at Heathrow about noon on Friday, and take a cab to our flat on Streatham Common, south of the Thames. Most of Friday will be spent settling in; the real adventures start on Saturday.
      What we left in Anchorage — clouds in the east, reflected in the back window of a California car.
Inline image 1

Lots of gold in the trees, but still bare Chugach mountains.
Inline image 2
What greeted us in Seattle — rain, on the roof outside our hotel window in the morning.
Inline image 3
A room at the University Travelodge — exceedingly brown. Clean, but brown.
Inline image 4

By the time we arrived at Trader Joe’s around 11:00 stock up on chocolate for the trip, the rain had stopped. It’s definitely autumn here at Trader Joe’s, even if  the rest of the city hasn’t caught up.
Inline image 5
Picking up Anthea.
Inline image 6
In the afternoon, Pike Street Market. Flower sellers.
Inline image 7

Everyone takes photos at Pike Street, not just me.
Inline image 8
Salesman offering a taste of today’s special apples at Sosio’s, our favorite produce stand. I left with fresh figs and a Romanesco cauliflower for Regina.
Inline image 9
Ristras — strings of fresh peppers and flowers.
Inline image 10

A pigeon joins the crowd in the market.
Inline image 11
A musician at the corner of the Market by the brass pig — this is the most prized performer’s spot, along with the sidewalk in front of the original Starbucks.
Inline image 12

Exotic seafood on ice.
Inline image 19

Inline image 13

The Seattle Eye, with a ferry and cranes to the left.
Inline image 18
A ferry behind one of the Pike Street Market signs.
Inline image 14

A serene Asian statue used to display a Southwest silver and turquoise necklace, with buses reflected in the window.
Inline image 15
Jim, Regina, and Deke.
Inline image 16
On the West Seattle Bridge in the evening, with cranes for loading ships.
Inline image 17

Flowers for sale at the Market.
Inline image 20

Next up, another Seattle day, and then London.






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