Homer Alaska delights, July 13, 2014


 Wild roses, Homer. [Photo, TWCarns]

 Swift at its nest in the vent on a building [Photo, TWCarns]

 Evening rainbow caught in the mountains across Kachemak Bay from Land’s End [Photo, TWCarns]

 Cow parsnip head going to seed [Photo, TWCarns]

Sandhill crane and half-grown chick at Beluga Slough (there were two adults and two young ones, but couldn’t get them all in the same picture) [Photo, TWCarns]

 Bluebells at Beluga Slough [Photo, TWCarns]

 Raven on driftwood at Bishop’s Beach [Photo, TWCarns]

 Homer Spit from Bishop’s Beach [Photo, TWCarns]

Homer peony (these are becoming big business in the area because the growing conditions turn out to be ideal). [Photo, TWCarns]

Luke, Kathy, Lauren at Land’s End beach. [Photo, TWCarns]

  Orange lilies in a garden. [Photo, TWCarns]


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