La Baleine on the Homer Spit, open for 2014


La Baleine.

Mandy Dixon has just re-opened La Baleine on the Homer Spit (here’s my post from last year about the opening days).  Go for absolutely fresh food, cooked to order, and beautifully presented. It’s easy to spot, on the left just past Salty Dawg Saloon as you’re headed toward Land’s End.

Best breakfast sandwich anywhere, the mostly veggie version with zucchini, mushrooms, greens. The meatier variation includes bacon, an egg, and cheese. The staff will make anything you like within this range.

We ate Mother’s Day breakfast there, and in keeping with her generosity, Mandy served a small bag of mini-beignets drenched  in confectioners’ sugar to each mom — enough to share, if one was so  inclined. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of them before they disappeared.

Jim’s oatmeal, with choices of fresh fruit, dried cranberries, brown sugar, cream, honey, and more for toppings. All of La Baleine’s dishes are unusual pottery, suitable for setting off the food.

Added attractions — fresh flowers on every table, free coffee, food to go (including cookies, salads, and sandwiches perfect for a picnic lunch), and friendly staff. The prices are low — Mandy says that she wants a place that serves “local food that local people can afford.”

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