Fresh Sourdough Express is open in Homer!


Scones made with the trademark sourdough in the bakery cabinet at Fresh Sourdough Express, Homer.


Last year, Kevin and Donna Maltz sold Fresh Sourdough Express on the road to the Homer Spit and headed for a well-earned retirement. And at the end of the 2013 season, we saw signs saying that the restaurant was closing permanently. Imagine our delight then this past weekend to find the place open and bustling.


Chocolate chip cookies — indulgent, but Fresh Sourdough Express has plenty of savory specials as well.


The menu has our favorite Mocha Milkshake (nothing like it anywhere else that we’ve been), Homer Spuds, and Sourdough biscuits. When we stopped by on Mothers’ Day, Donna personally made us a mocha milkshake, and said that they’re planning new treats for the menu. Check in with them at (907) 235-7571 for hours.


                        Donna’s welcoming smile.


And after you’ve had your fill of the delicious food, continue on to enjoy the Homer Spit, or Bishop’s Beach, or  . . .  there are many choices.


   Homer Spit, from the top of the hill coming into town.




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3 Responses to Fresh Sourdough Express is open in Homer!

  1. Donna Maltz says:

    What a joy to read your post! You made my day. Look forward to your visit in June…. Big love Donna

  2. kmarkelz says:

    My old Alaska summer gig! So happy to hear it’s still open and apart of the Homer summer experience. Cheers!

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