Anchorage snowstorm, December 14, 2013

View from the front of our house.
Sounds like most of our friends are getting enough snow for a white Christmas. Just in case Anchorageites were feeling that theirs was a little grubby and worn out, we got about a foot yesterday and today, with more coming. Here’s what it looked like today.
A snow-covered Christmas bow at Fire Island bakery where we began the day.
View from the Costco parking lot, looking toward the Chugach mountains, 11:30 a.m.
Parking lot raven. They are remarkably black — eyes to toenails.
Sidewalk plow at I Street.
Jim cleaning the car windows, one of many times today (I offered to help, but he was having too much fun).
Low visibility on DeBarr Road . . . and everywhere else.
Catkins contemplating winter.
Black-capped chickadee at the bird feeder.
Neighborhood moose, browsing at 5:00 p.m. — too dark to get a clear photo.
Stuffed moose at the Fifth Avenue Mall waiting for people to come and have their pictures taken.
Christmas bling at Nordstrom’s. 
Snow abstractions at night.
We wish all of you delightful days in the next few weeks.
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