Astorga to Rabanal del Camino

Short notes tonight — our Internet is limited to what comes with dinner, and runs out in about 20 minutes.
We put in about 14 1/2 miles walking uphill (but relatively gentle slopes, mostly) from Astorga to Rabanal — a medieval town that focused on pilgrims. Much of our way was through scrub, and at the end, some pine forest. Stretches of the views reminded me of the  Kenai Peninsula — rolling forests with no signs of habitation. Sunny, blue sky with few clouds. Cold in the morning — I had most of my layers on at 7:45 a.m., but warm by 11:00, and hot by 2:00.
I like this area — the towns are a mix of medieval ruins and modern houses; albergues and the Cowboy Bar in El Ganso. The Romans mined gold and iron here — another resemblance to Alaska.
News break — a set of drummers and castenets coming — oh — it’s a festival, happening as we speak — with a flute, drums, lots of castanets (20 people at least). The bar owner where we’ve been dining is pouring sangria out of a jug for everyone — onlookers and band. Awesome. Now, I think that they’re marching on to another part of town. Kind of like Christmas caroling. September is a month for festivals everywhere in the north of Spain, and this is Friday night so a good time for drinking and castanets.
Photos tomorrow —
Our feet hurt. Tomorrow we climb to the  top of Mount Irago, and set our stones on the pile at the foot of the Iron Cross –  Cruz de Ferro. Then we head downhill, and spend the night at Acebo. With luck, the Internet access will be more forthcoming there.
A happy weekend  to all — Hope your weather and adventures are as great as ours. Teri, Jim, Regina, Anthea
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