A quiet day in Leon

We didn’t do much — slept, caught up on Internet life, slept. Jim and Regina went out on a couple of errands, and we all walked down a hill to the University District looking for an Italian place that advertised good dinners. We found a “Casablanca” themed pizzeria instead, and decided to come back to the hotel dining room/bar. Regina and Anthea ended up with potato-egg sandwiches, and I had soup that Jim and Regina bought earlier (a pleasant veggie puree, completely innocuous, and reasonably tasty).
Tomorrow we hope to see the cathedral, which is reputed to have some of the most spectacular stained glass in Europe. Along the way, there will be more of interest as well — Leon, like many of the cities here, goes back to the Roman days.
Trying to capture the essence of the extremely modern, but pleasant, hotel. Here is a corner of the main lobby. Lots of glass, dark wood,beige tones. Spacious.
The hallway, with our room. All of the doors fit flush with the walls.
We are at the north edge of the city; just beyond the tall buildings are the fields. The cities here seem to end much more abruptly than in the U.S.
Sunset, about 9:00 p.m.

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