Hello readers of roadtripteri

This is the author of this blog, Teri White Carns. I also have Chicken Lady at Locust Lane (which years ago I set up as my basic WordPress blog),  roadtripteri, and Wheatavore blogs.  I’m going to be  adding a couple of hundred posts (from my Wheatavore blog on Google’s Blogger) to the WordPress blogs (roadtripteri and Chicken Lady) over the next few weeks. Despite reading a 600-page book on WordPress and combing websites for advice, I have not entirely figured out how to keep from spamming you with so many new posts about travels and wheat. If you are getting all of this new content, I’ll do my best to discontinue you if you like, at least for the time being. You should be able to unsubscribe on your own. But if you like travel notes, food history, and interesting stories about wheat and bread, stick around! Thanks — Teri

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